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[May 5, 2010]

Women in Corporate Aviation Announces
International Career EBACE Scholarship Winner

Women in Corporate Aviation, International (WCA) is pleased to announce
the presentation of the 2010 EBACE International Career Scholarship to Kajuju Laiboni. In addition to a $1000.00(USD) scholarship, Kajuju will also receive conference and travel expenses to attend the 10th Annual European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition conference (EBACE) in Geneva, Switzerland where the scholarship will be presented.

A native of Africa, Kajuju has seen and experienced first hand this continent’s potential for continued development, especially in the aviation sector, where her personal passion lies. Having seen this potential, even in herself, she has made it her personal endeavor to engage young women and the youth of the African culture in this growing industry.

Through mentorship and aviation conferences, Kajuju has been fueled with a passion to enable and motivate others. She is using these experiences as a tool to provide guidance and encouragement to the potential young aviators and people of her country. Her passion has founded the mentorship organization Women Aviators in Africa (WAFRIC). Kajuju has successfully used this as a venue to participate in aviation clubs, public schools, and sector panels to promote aviation in Africa.

Kajuju is currently converting her Commercial pilots license (CPL) (JAA) to a Kenyan CPL and is working o­n her Bachelors of Science in Computer Science. She is also a board member and volunteers for Woman and Youth in African Development, a member of
Women in Aviation International (WAI) and WAI Europe, as well as Sweden’s Engineers. Her long-term goals are to own a Kenyan charter company that will employ those whom she has mentored and to open an aviation library.The purpose of the International Career scholarship is to provide financial assistance for a man or woman (non-US based) who is pursuing a career in business or corporate aviation. Additional information o­n other scholarships offered through Women in Corporate Aviation may be found at the WCA website [1]

About Women in Corporate Aviation, WCA

WCA, a non-profit 501 (C) (3) organization, is the premier mentoring association for men and women in corporate and business aviation. WCA promotes corporate/business aviation careers and supports diversity by providing information, networking, mentoring, scholarships and education for current and future corporate/business aviation professionals. WCA is open for individual and corporate membership. For more information about WCA or to donate towards our scholarship program please visit the website at [2]or contact our WCA Headquarters, at 4450 Nicholas Lane, Southaven, MS 38672 or email to [3]. If you’d like a photograph of the scholarship recipient or to be added to our press contact list, please email Elizabeth Partie, Secretary for WCA at [4]

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