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Posted by mash on Jun 14, 2010 - 05:07 PM

Held in Brooklands Museum, Surrey outside London, England.   November 5-6, 2010

Join us at Brooklands Museum, the home of British Aviation and the first British Women pilots license.

The opening reception includes the Brooklands Concorde Experience. You’ll see inside o­ne of the world’s most famous aircraft. Take your seat in the front cabin for a virtual flight, piloted by Captain Mike Bannister who will join us afterwards to share his experiences. Bid to win a seat at the controls of the o­nly operational Concorde Simulator in the world and raise money for our scholarship fund.

Speakers include:
• Captain Suzanna Darcy-Hennemann, record setting 777 Captain with Boeing
• Gabriella Somerville, Managing Director ConnectJets
• Gretchen Burrett, the recently appointed Group Director, Safety Regulation of the Civil Aviation Authority,
• Lt. Col Jennifer Crossman, USAF KC-135 pilot
• Dominique Brown, Chief Operating Officer, Quick International Courier

We will close events o­n the Saturday night with a dinner at the Museum where we can share our experiences and forge those networks.Online booking will be available soon.

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