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Introduce women to aviation during Women of Aviation Week

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Posted by mash on Jan 12, 2012 - 10:25 AM

We encourage you to introduce women to aviation during Women of Aviation Week, an outreach movement begun by Mireille Goyer, Canada. Flights that take place between March 5-11 should be logged on her website at [1] in order to tally the total and allow both female first flight timers and pilots to be eligible for prizes. In conjunction with the reenactment of Harriet Quimby's flight across the English Channel 100 years ago, Mireille's goal is to have these flights performed in 100 locations on March 10. Harriet Quimby, legendary for being the first American woman to acquire a pilot's certificate in the United States, is this year's impetus behind many events scheduled for that week.

Reserve Saturday, March 10th to fly a woman, whether young or just young at heart, and acquaint her with the joy of flight. Who knows how she will see the world after sharing the passion.

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