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Posted by mash on May 02, 2006 - 08:44 PM

WAI Women in Aviation, Interntional [1] announces and welcomes the following New WAI provisional Chapter #66P

Women in Aviation, AWE Aviation and Women in Europe Chapter, a section of Women in Aviation, International

Chapters provide local networking at regularly scheduled meetings, programs that include local speakers and tours of aviation facilities and landmarks, community outreach efforts to encourage young people to pursue aviation careers, and regional scholarship opportunities. Maximize your WAI membership by joining a Chapter, and benefit from educational and networking activities throughout the year.

Read the article [2] printed in the July/August 2006 edition of Aviation for Women Magazine

Officers and Chairs are:

Michelle Bassanesi, President
Rome, Italy

Jane Middleton, Vice President
United Kingdom

Sevda Tantan, Secretary

Marjolijn De Greef, Membership Chair
The Netherlands

Susan Fraser, Outreach Chair

AWE - Aviation and Women in Europe is open to all WAI members in the European community and initially will be based in Italy

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