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Posted by mash on Oct 04, 2006 - 04:33 PM

In October's WAI Connect Newsletter:

Women in Aviation, AWE Aviation and Women in Europe Chapter, WAI [1]'s provisional European chapter, held its second conference in Varese, Italy.

More than 45 attendees enjoyed classic Italian hospitality and the generous sponsorship of the Contessa Caproni and the Caproni family, who allowed the Conference to take place in the theater of the Villa Caproni di Taliedo.

Much thanks to Michelle Bassanesi and her volunteers for their pre-conference efforts that made the event go off smoothly.Speakers from Greece, Italy, the United Kingdom, Norway, Belgium and the U.S. educated and entertained the attendees.

There were visits to AugustaWestland, Inc.'s helicopter assembly plant, the AdeleOrsi Glider Field, Milano Bresso General Aviation Airport and of course, downtown Milano.

The chapter is currently working to decide where they will meet next year. Stay tuned for the date and location!

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