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Posted by mash on Jun 13, 2008 - 04:51 PM

A unique world event at Le Mans airport in July 2008 ! . The Pioneers of Aviation Air Showwould be held at Le Mans airport from 9th to 11th or 12th July 2008. It would be an exceptional meeting of unique flying airplane replicas representing the debuts of aviation history. It would be a first event of that type in world where all pioneers of aviation from France, America and rest of world would be honored.

. To date are already part of the program [1]:

- the Wright Flyer III of 1908-1909 flying replica manufactured by Le Mans Sarthe Aero Retroteamwork (France); the o­nly flying replica in world of that Wright Flyer version (10,000 hours of labour by volunteers, 66 flights until end 2007);

- the Wright Baby 1911 flying replica built by the Wright B Flyerteamwork of Dayton (Ohio, USA); this replica did participate already to many air shows in North America including the famous Oshkosh show (Wisconsin); this would be an exceptional contribution for a teamwork coming especially from the Wright brothers city of origin, the first show in Europe for this airplane;

- the Demoiselle Santos-Dumont flying replica made by the passioned Instituto Arruda Botelhoteamwork of Sao Paulo (Brazil); this replica made already several successful flights including the exhibition of La Ferté Alais (Essonne, France) o­n end June 2007; this would be an exceptional contribution of Brazil to the Le Mans Sarthe Wright 2008 Centennial;

- the Bleriot XI "Pegoud" of 1909, a top quality and remarkable airplane piloted by the masters of the famous AJBS teamwork (Jean Salis, La Ferté Alais, Essonne, France);

. Presence of many personnalities and delegations from France and abroad, including many pilots and several world known astronauts.

. Miscellaneous activities including the presence of 60 classic automobiles made between 1895 and 1914, with the members of Ancestors Association Cup 72 et several classic automobile clubs coming from United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium and Netherlands. A special hug for Bollée family classic automobiles : Amédée Bollée, Léon Bollée,...

. Le Mans airport party with all organizations in charge of aviation in this part of France : gliders, airplanes, ULM, French Air Force, etc...

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