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Posted by mash on Nov 11, 2008 - 05:57 PM

I know it has been a long time you since you've heard from me. I have an excuse! Finally my five year assignment in Brussels finished in December 2007 and I have now returned to my country, Turkey. Iím working in Istanbul now for my company, Turkish Airlines.

O≠nly o≠ne thing has changed: Iím now a chief controller!

As soon as I found time I began to promote AWE. This last summer female students from Anadolu University - The School of Civil Aviation - came to our Dispatch Office (Turkish Airlines) for working experience. O≠ne day their professor, Miss Ferhan Kuyucak, visited us and I had a chance to talk to her and the students about AWE. They were excited. We exchanged business cards and in September she called me and asked me to give a presentation about WAI and AWE. I accepted.

The 23rd of October I went to Eskisehir where the School of Civil Aviation was established. I learned some information about them and want to share it with you:
  • The School of Civil Aviation was established in 1986 to provide qualified personnel for the rapidly growing Turkish Aviation industry. The School was the first educational and training organization in Turkey to meet all the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Associationís standards.
  • The School of Civil Aviation offers an intensive combination of theoretical and laboratory courses in well designed and equipped facilities. The School has its own Airport with a 2600 m long illuminated runway, which is equipped with ILS, VOR, NDB and DME.
  • It operates a fleet of 20 aircraft for in-flight laboratory teaching, and a maintenance center for repairing various types of aircraft. At this fleet they have TB-20 Trinidad, Cessna 172 SP, TB-9 Tampico, AG-5B Tiger, Duchess 76, AA-5BTiger, King Air C-90 and Super King Air B-200.
  • The School has been supported by national and international aviation institutions and has mutual cooperation agreements with several aviation industries. It also provides special programs to offer in-service training to air traffic controllers, pilots and technicians for the state-owned and private aviation sectors.
  • Departments: Avionics, Air Traffic Control, Aircraft Airframe and Power Plant Maintenance, Aviation Management, Flight Training, Intensive English language program is required.
They also joined o≠ne of the European Union Committee studies called ďERASMUSĒ project. They exchanged students with o≠ne of the Czech Universities (Brno University of Technology). Sounds great doesnít it? They have female students and theyíre willing to join our association.

Of course I didnít forget to take pictures [1]. As I told you before I have many projects planned. So, watch for me!

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